Christopher Taylor


Summary of Qualifications

  • Solid understanding of rigging, skinning and animation methodologies.
  • Experienced in various scripting and programming languages including Python and MEL.
  • Skilled in all stages of asset development pipeline; concept design, modeling, UV mapping, texturing, lighting and shader development.
  • Detail oriented; able to research, design and prototype solutions to technical problems.
  • Designed created and finalized both static and dynamic 3D art assets for games from concept to completion.


2014 - 2015Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Lead Concept Artist

  • Designed and developed concepts for over 20 interactive puzzle components as well as including environment props.
  • Assisted in overall look and feel of gameplay elements as well as mood and atmosphere of game.

Asset Developer

  • Modeled low-poly 3D models designed to be viewed in Oculus Rift.
  • Hand-painted textures with consideration for material states, in-game shader and lighting configurations.

2013 - 2014Pole Force One video game

Combomash Studios

Lead Concept Artist

  • Developed detailed concept art for 6 main characters as well as enemy design variations.
  • Designed character details and accessories to facilitate modeling and game play mechanics.
  • Designed various environment locales and assisted in game story, look and feel.

2010Architectural Membrane Research

Carleton University

3D Technical Assistant

  • Researched and developed Maya C++ API used to facilitate field geometry
  • Developed 3D dynamic systems using Maya
  • Prepared 3D stills and animation prototypes for architectural visualizations

2009 - 2010Bachelor of Interactive Media and Design Thesis Animation Project

Carleton University

Lead Concept Artist

  • Designed environment props, main 3D animated characters not only in design but as well technical aspects of mechanical movement.
  • Created color maps, moodboards and other previsualization elements.

Technical Director

  • Modeled, textured, animated and rigged several key characters including 1 non-bipedal character and 1 mechanical character.
  • Assisted in development, training and problem solving 3D assets to be finalized for 3D animation.
  • Created color maps, moodboards and other previsualization elements.

2008 - 2010Architectural Membrane Research

Carleton University

3D Technical Assistant

  • Developed 3D membrane simulations using dynamic solution tools
  • Modeled advanced geometric forms aided b scripting (Mel)
  • Animated and reigging simulations involving Maya nCloth dynamics

2007 - 2008web.alive Project

Nortel Networks

Digital Artist (2D & 3D)

  • Designed, modeled and textured digital assets using Maya and Unreal
  • Managed web-based virtual environments using Unreal 2.0 Engine
  • Designed and created promotional material including brochures, blog, and website portals for product launch using Photoshop, InDesign and Dreamweaver
  • Contributed to the web.alive system specification


2010 - 2013Department of Systems & Computer Engineering

Carleton University

Masters of Science:ISS(Systems Engineering)

  • Research in scalable animation and procedural modeling for video games
  • Awarded with Dean of Graduate Studies Entrance Scholarship and Graduate Scholarship
  • Teaching Assistant for 3D Modelling, 3D animation and Introductory programming

Courses taken:

  • Computational Geometry
  • Dynamic Content Generation
  • Applied Computational Geometry
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • Swarm Intelligence
  • Multimedia Compression
  • Combinatorial Game Theory
  • Non-Photorealistic Rendering

2005 - 2010Interactive Multimedia & Design

Carleton University

Bachelor of Information Technology

  • Graduated with Honours
  • Coop Certificate
  • Awarded with the Harry S.Southam Scholarship

Contact Info

Ottawa, Ontario

Skype: TayloredChaos



Sketchbook Pro


C#, C++
MEL, Python,

Hard Skills

  • Character rigging
  • Character design
  • Creature design
  • Concept Artist
  • Digital Painting
  • 3D Modeling
  • Texture Artist

Soft Skills

  • Strong work ethic
  • Good communication skills
  • Time management
  • Problem Solver
  • Advanced knowledge of 3D principles in theoretical and practical environments
  • Bilingual in french


2010Graduate Scholarship

2010, 2007NSERC Undergraduate Research Award

2005 - 2010Harry S.Southam Scholarship

2006, 2007Entrance Scholarship Award

2005Ontario Scholar's Award


2015Rigging Dojo Maya C++ API

2014Rigging Dojo Introduction to Rigging

2014Rigging Dojo Prop Rigging